Nature-based climate solutions, life as a geological healing force

by Benoit Lambert, Ph.D.

Biogeotherapy – nature-based climate solutions, life as a geological healing force, presents a movement composed of farmers, scientists, politicians, and diplomatic actors. It is based on four natural restorative practices: holistic grazing management, no-till agriculture with cover crops, biochar, and massive reforestation. Agro-forestry, blue carbon, living machines, the restoration of peatlands, and other nature-based solutions (NbS) or negative emission technologies (NET) are also briefly presented.

The 4 per 1000—the diplomatic arm of this movement, which is rising at the forefront of action for climate restoration—is described. 4 per 1000 participates in a movement for regenerative agriculture and ranching and for the negative emissions of bio-sourced materials. Finance carbon levers, such as carbon dioxide removal certificates, are also explained, along with their controversies.

Biogeotherapy is a neologism to define a development model deserving our attention and enthusiasm: a new carbon-based economy reversing, literally, the current carbon economy. Biogeotherapy carries a vision for humanity to regenerate and restore our home, planet Earth, and the biosphere we depend on to live.

Pharaonic, Babylonian, and vertiginous words to define the climate challenge often sound too weak for such a journey. Biogeotherapy leads to Civilization 280 and offers a long path forward to genuinely desirable sustainable economic development.


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