Help, My Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Help, My Baby Won't Stop Crying

A Simple Guide for New Parents

by Anne Marie Springer | illustrated by Megan Anderson

If you’ve picked up this book, chances are that you have or will soon be having a baby in your home. While having a baby means countless cuddles, giggles, and love, it also means a crying baby and sleepless nights. If you are looking for sensible, compassionate advice to help you through your baby’s crying episodes, this book is your one stop solution. With over 24 years of expertise in Family Practice, Military, and Population Health Nursing, Anne-Marie will advise and guide you through your parenting journey. Anne-Marie has helped countless families as a tireless advocate for parents and children and has a deep commitment to sharing her knowledge and teaching the best practices for child care. So, take a deep breath and enjoy the truly amazing, challenging, and rewarding experience of raising your baby with Help, My Baby Won’t Stop Crying! A Simple Guide for New Parents by Anne Marie Springer.


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