I Don’t Wanna Wear Glasses

I Don't Wanna Wear Glasses

by P. D. Brogden

Have you ever felt like you needed to hide a part of yourself just to fit in?

Get ready to join Titan on an adventure like no other! He’s an elementary school-aged boy who loves sports and playing with his friends. But he’s been keeping a secret from them – he needs glasses. He’s afraid of being teased, so he hides them in silly places to avoid wearing them.

But one day, something happens that changes everything! Titan discovers the power of embracing your differences. With the guidance of a special teacher, he learns an important lesson about the beauty of being unique and accepting yourself for who you are. Titan realizes that everyone has differences and that they should be celebrated, not hidden.

This heartwarming and relatable story is perfect for young readers who may be struggling with similar fears. It’s an exciting and inspiring way to teach an important lesson about embracing your differences and being true to yourself.


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