Is Your Child A Picasso

Is your child a Picasso

A Guide for Parents and Educators of Gifted and Talented Children

by Makbule Kımızcı

Is Your Child a Picasso? serves as an invaluable resource for families and educators seeking to support and guide highly talented and gifted children. This comprehensive guide underscores the importance of comprehending and nurturing the unique qualities and abilities of these exceptional individuals.

Packed with practical advice and insights, the book offers strategies for fostering creativity, imagination, and cognitive growth. Additionally, it delves into the role of art education in augmenting cognitive abilities and alleviating stress. Whether the child exhibits leadership skills, self-confidence, or an advanced understanding of subjects, this essential read furnishes guidance on how to effectively nurture their talents and enable them to reach their full potential.

With thought-provoking questions and practical tips, including captivating images showcasing the works of Makbule Kımızcı’s students, the author—a visual arts teacher— Is Your Child a Picasso? serves as an invaluable tool for creating an environment that fosters the growth and development of gifted and talented children.


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