The Golden Telescope – Student Workbook

The Golden Telescope - Student Workbook

Take the adventure with Jack and his friends to a whole other level with this FUN and INTERACTIVE student workbook!

(Older artwork. Stay tuned for the updated version!)

This companion book is designed to pair alongside Book One: The Golden Telescope. It offers lots of creative options and possibilities for your child to put their thinking cap on and choose the best answers in a series of multiple-choice questions. This activity encourages kids to pay closer attention so they will make the correct choice. Additionally, the text contains many references to real-world places, events, and works of art that might be researched with parents or teachers, expanding the child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore the world around them. Plus a whole lot more!

Inside you’ll find:

  • 128 pages of fun to increase reading retention and engagement!
  • Multiple-Choice Question & Answer section for every chapter in the book
  • A story-themed Word Puzzle
  • Jack and Bart Coloring Pages

Turn reading time into more than a passive listening experience. This workbook transforms Jack’s adventure into an engaging activity kids age 8-13 will love!



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