The Kidnapping King

The Kidnapping King - ebook

A double-crossing brother. An unexpected trip to the past. Friends with magical powers.

The Kidnapping King - Mockup

The Kidnapping King expands our adventure with Jack, Bart, and friends from Book One: The Golden Telescope. This second book provides exciting new twists, turns, and reveals!

Deceived and abducted by his older brother, Jack travels through time to meet his long-lost Grandmother, Lydia Mac Paidin. There, he is introduced to her companion, Joseph ‘Bunko’ Kelly…the infamous Kidnapping King.

Along the way, he makes a new magical friend, Samantha Jo Kelly. And he learns the significance of the spell-crafted tracking rings their uncles both wear.

The mystery intensifies as Jack uncovers hidden secrets about his parents’ death. And discovers the frightening dangers surrounding him and his friends!

It’s a race through time for 12-year-old Jack Mac Paidin as he learns how to wield his powers. How will he escape his evil family members and travel through time to find his grandmother? Then solve the mystery of his murdered parents, before it’s too late.

Jack’s wicked aunts have convinced his older brother, Ethan, that Jack is vying to take his rightful share of the family inheritance. All in an effort to pin Ethan against his brother and use him to capture Jack and his magic.

Will Jack be able to help his grandmother return to the present time and reunite his family? And can Lydia protect her grandchildren from the dark cabal who made them orphans and is out to harness their powers?

Jack and the Magic Hat Maker: The Kidnapping King takes readers on an adventure through time and space, reality and fantasy. Join in one boy’s exciting quest for truth and justice.


If you enjoyed Book Two: The Kidnapping King, you’ll want to continue the adventure by reading Book Three: The Magical Legacy!

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