The Reaper of Washington County

The Reaper of Washington County

by Steven Banner

Young Sean Callahan appears to be lost. His father, who was a legendary Lawman has just passed away. He did however train his son to be a leader and to follow in his footsteps. In the year 1894, he began working on a sea vessel named the Intrepid. With the whaling trade slowing. He sets his sights on something else. The one thing he cannot run away from…

His uncle is the courageous Captain James Callahan who runs the Boston Office for US Marshals. He gives Sean a new start in life, becoming a marshal himself. Later, ordered to an obscure town seemingly hidden in Rhode Island. His mission is to find out what happened to four missing women. Under the watchful eye of retired Major Jeremiah Lancaster. He tries to understand what everyone in town appears to be hiding.

With seemingly no clues. He must track down who or what is responsible or return home a complete failure. His new boss, Colonel Robert Goldberg is running for a seat on the United States Senate. Each day he eagerly awaits the answers that could ignite his campaign. By day, the young marshal hunts for a killer. At night he must protect them from one.

What he discovers will amaze you and that is just the beginning. The secrets must come out. So, step up and get ready. It’s going to be one hell of a ride. The adventure starts now. Get your copy today.


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