Mac Paidin Publishing is the publishing company for the Jack and the Magic Hat Maker, Heirs of Vittajord, and other Universes. We have published in ebook, paperback, hard cover, and audio books formats.

Mac Paidin Publishing started as a single book, nothing but a series with a desire to memorialize the author’s father, thinking ‘what if?’

The first book released by Tracy Partridge-Johnson was The Golden Telescope in December 2019. She and her small Indie Publishing Company would go on to release Book Two, The Kidnapping King, the following year and companion Student Workbooks for both novels in 2021.

The inspiration behind Jack and the Magic Hat Maker began in 2016, several years after Tracy’s father passed away.

Her dad, John, had a traumatic and sad childhood. He, his older brother, and his younger sister were orphaned as small children. Their parents died in a tragic automobile accident in Portland, Oregon, when they were only 28 years old. The extended family split up the three children, sending each to be raised by a different relative living in three separate states.

John never saw his little sister again and only reconnected with his older brother in adulthood.

The children’s life experiences sparked the idea for a story. Tracy wanted to transform her father’s tragic childhood, turning him into a kind of Superhero.

Coincidentally, the kid’s great grandfather, three generations back, Edward, was a milliner…a hat maker.

Ms. Partridge-Johnson was an adult when she finally learned the nickname her dad went by as a kid: Jack.

Inspired by their story, she began writing Book One and finally published The Golden Telescope in December 2019. That book is currently available in e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook formats at all the major online booksellers.

The Golden Telescope sparked a series of nine books, a follow-up series called Jack and the Immortals is in the works, and a spin-off series written with Tracy’s oldest son, Trent, is already underway.

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