Is Your Child A Picasso

A Guide for Parents and Educators of Gifted and Talented Children by Makbule Kımızcı Is Your Child a Picasso? serves as an invaluable resource for families and educators seeking to support and guide highly talented and gifted children. This comprehensive guide underscores the importance of comprehending and nurturing the unique […]

Rehab for Love: Through the Reflection

by Dara Randall “Rehab For Love,” metaphorically explores the link between unhealthy love and substance abuse, intertwining a self-help workbook with a story written in poetry. As the pages turn, the story unveils the mesmerizing allure of falling into a narcissistic relationship, guiding readers towards profound self-discovery and healing. The […]


by Ed Benjamin MAJOR LIFE BLOWS Harry Miles and his sister became orphans when he was 12 years old, and a drunk driver killed their parents. Harry was devastated. Harry was very grateful when Morris and his wife took both Harry and his sister, Rose, in and adopted them. At […]

Living With Depression

: Navigating Mood Disorders as a Family: Mental Health: A Journey of Courage and Resilience by Damian D. Lewis Within this book lies a powerful and heartfelt guide to conquering the challenges of depression and mental health disorders with the unwavering support of loved ones. It explores the often-overlooked impact […]

Between Two Kingdoms

by G. R. Montoya Join Calli as she ventures Between Two Kingdoms in pursuit of the one true Healer who can mend shattered souls… In a world where innocence clashes with darkness, meet Calli, a young soul tormented by the malevolent creature, Malum. Seeking refuge, she stumbles upon a mysterious […]

Artificial Intelligence Uses & Applications (6 books)

by A.C. Hamilton Author and innovator A.C. Hamilton is making waves in the world of AI, and with his ever-expanding series of books, you’ll gain access to exclusive insider knowledge that lays the groundwork for harnessing AI to revolutionize your writing, boost your income, and skyrocket your productivity in your […]

Whispers of Love: Navigating the Storm of Losing a Child

by Les Erschen, Jr. “Whispers of Love: Navigating the Storm of Losing a Child” is a compassionate guide that tenderly walks readers through the profound emotions that accompany the loss of a child. It offers insights, solace, and practical strategies for navigating the complex terrain of grief and finding a […]


Nature-based climate solutions, life as a geological healing force by Benoit Lambert, Ph.D. Biogeotherapy – nature-based climate solutions, life as a geological healing force, presents a movement composed of farmers, scientists, politicians, and diplomatic actors. It is based on four natural restorative practices: holistic grazing management, no-till agriculture with cover […]


by Tammy White Inspired by true events, Generations follows a working-class African-American family, ‘The Roberts’, based in Philadelphia, PA, from 1946 to 1974. It centers around the main character, Emma. This narrative, part one of a two-part story, takes you on an emotional roller coaster. As Emma tries to make […]

A Recovery Book on Overcoming Trauma Bonding as a Result of Narcissistic Abuse and Complex PTSD

:Recovery is Not a Destination; It’s A Journey of Healing by Kim Popovich The book is a comprehensive guide to healing from the devastating effects of Narcissistic abuse and Complex PTSD, with a focus on trauma bonding. Trauma bonding is a type of attachment that forms between the victim and […]

Lively Lila: A Dance of Happy Discovery

by Ben Levey Delve into the magical world of Lila in “A Dance of Happiness Discovery,” the third enchanting children’s book penned by author Ben Levey. This spirited adventure revolves around Lila, a dazzlingly unique protagonist, who faces life’s roller-coaster ride with ADHD head-on, embodying a spirit that’s both infectious […]