Anakisha’s Dragon

Anakisha's Dragon

Riders of Fire Dragon Masters – Book One

by Eileen Mueller

A feisty street fighter avenging her dead brother. A dashing dragon rider in the right place at the wrong time. And an unlikely pirate captain with nothing left to lose.

Being a dragon rider is not in Anakisha’s plans. And Anakisha’s stubborn. She’s not giving up her dreams anytime soon.

When Anakisha’s brother is murdered by a gang, she joins the Night Wings, a team of local vigilantes, and takes to the streets to avenge him. With a soft spot for defending underdogs, she’s found her niche.

The Night Wing’s leader is the dreamy golden-haired son of the village arbitrator — a fine catch. If she can impress his father, she can marry him and improve her family’s fortune. But the underbelly of Fieldhaven is rife with politics and deceit. Although Anakisha is good with a bow and a dagger, she’s not always the best judge of character…

And her plans do not include a dragon.

But then, the King’s Rider appears on his sleek onyx dragon.

And a bloodthirsty pirate captain rises to power, spreading terror on the Naobian Sea.

Leaving Anakisha torn between her dream and her duty…

USA Today bestselling author Eileen Mueller has nailed your next exciting dragon adventure with Anakisha’s Dragon, the first book in her new Riders of Fire Dragon Masters series.

If you love soaring with dragons and swashbuckling with pirates, take flight today with Anakisha’s Dragon!


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