Between Two Kingdoms

Between Two Kingdoms

by G. R. Montoya

Join Calli as she ventures Between Two Kingdoms in pursuit of the one true Healer who can mend shattered souls…

In a world where innocence clashes with darkness, meet Calli, a young soul tormented by the malevolent creature, Malum. Seeking refuge, she stumbles upon a mysterious forest, a safe haven where Malum’s reach cannot extend. There, she encounters Timoris, a boy whose ties to the peculiar town of Hurt are enigmatic and whose presence binds the residents in shared heartache.

As Calli delves deeper into the lives of Hurt’s inhabitants, she uncovers their coping mechanisms for pain, each woven from deception’s threads. Determined to find true healing, she sets forth on a journey, traversing various towns hidden within the forest, each beckoning with allure to ensnare her in its safety.

Lose yourself in the captivating pages of Between Two Kingdoms, a tale of resilience, hope, and the timeless need for true healing. Dive into this allegorical fantasy today and experience a transformative journey that will linger in your heart. Get your copy now!


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