Mae’s Second Chance Series: Boxset (Books 1-3)

Mae's Second Chance - Box Series

by Jacie Middlemann

Julie’s family finds more than they expected in the small town called Mae’s Second Chance. First in series box set

For the Engstrom family, the adventure of living in a ghost town with a huge mansion, saloon, jail cell, and its very own mystery is bittersweet as they struggle with inspiring determination to carry on after a tragic loss.

This set includes:

  • Home to the Valley
  • Treasures Found
  • Valley Secrets

Home to the Valley

Julie Engstrom knows that her family needs something different…a different place, different people, different everything as they all struggle to deal with the loss that has changed their lives forever. The last thing she expected was a huge and unexpected windfall to make it possible. Now she just needed to decide what to do and where to go.

Then after reading an article and seeing photos that drew her attention as little else had in weeks, she decides to take her family somewhere that she never would have considered before. But it doesn’t take long to find out that it is something that they all desperately need.

When she and her children arrive at their new home hundreds of miles away from where they once lived, Julie knows she’s made the right decision as she looks out over the flower-covered hills surrounding the single block of historic buildings in Mae’s Second Chance ghost town.

Home to the Valley is the story of a family finding their way through a tragedy who suddenly experience an unforeseen and surprising financial windfall. How do they celebrate one even as they grieve the other?

Treasures Found

Julie Engstrom has brought her family to the deserted ghost town of Mae’s Second Chance. She knew that her family needed something different as they struggled to deal with the loss that has changed their lives forever. Her hope is they will find it here in the valley with its century old buildings, rich history, and the mystery surrounding the woman the town is named for.

As they settle into their new life, adjust to the southern heat they’re not used to, a friendly face from the life they left behind arrives unexpectedly. Anderson McGuire considered Dan Engstrom one of the best friends he’d ever had and wants to make certain that everything is going exactly as it should for Julie and the kids.

He was also far more curious than he was willing to admit about the honest to goodness ghost town that they now called home. Once there he finds the old saloon is exactly the project he needs to keep him busy while he also helps out in the restoration of the other buildings in town in any way he can. It isn’t long before he realizes his assistance and support is needed in more ways than helping to fix up the two-hundred-year old buildings.

Valley Secrets

Julie Engstrom came to the ghost town in Mae’s valley in search of what she and her children needed…a place to grieve and heal. She wanted all of them to have the chance to find their way forward after the loss of the man who meant so much to all of them.

In the weeks and months since their arrival she realized that the deserted ghost town’s founder had come to the valley in search of the same thing…a second chance and more…safety for herself and all those she loved.

But Mae’s life was shrouded in mystery. Julie was determined to find out why.

If you enjoy women’s fiction, stories of families and friends and all their complication, Mae’s Second Chance may be the series for you.

Perfect for fans of:

  • Emotional and heartwarming Women’s Fiction with an intriguing historical mystery.
  • The idea of living in a ghost town in desperate need of renovations.
  • Light-hearted southern fiction.
  • Feels like family and home stories.Mae’s Second Chance Series


Home to the Valley – Book 1
Treasures Found – Book 2
Valley Secrets – Book 3
Mae’s Hope – Book 4
Sisters of the Heart – Book 5
Castle in the Beyond – Book 6


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